« Optimizing esthetics around implants »

P. Margossian
Sofia Dental Meeting, 2012, Bulgaria

The rich scientific program features the most topical themes in all spheres dental medicine. The hands-on workshops will be held in 5 halls fully equipped with small dental units and operatory microscopes. High-quality models and materials by the world’s leading dental companies will be available for the practical work.

Dental Meeting Program

Day One

Presentations by members of EAED
Moderator: Prof. Nitzan Bichacho, Israel
9.30- 11.00 Treatment planning of ortho- prosthetic cases when implants are contemplated: A multi disciplinary approach. The concepts.
Dr. Stefano Gracis, Italy

Presentations by lecturers from the Faculty of Dental Medicine – Sofia:
9.30-10.15 Occlusion for predictable esthetics and function
Prof. Andon Filtchev, Bulgaria
10.15-11.00 Pulpitis in Temporary and Permanent Teeth
Prof. Milena Peneva, Bulgaria

9.00 – 11.00 Capsulitis, Trizmus or Non-Reducing Disc Displacement? Craniofacial Pain Disorders Common to the General Dental Practice
Dr. Jamison Spencer, USA
11.30-13.00 The dentist’s role in the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing
Dr. Jamison Spencer, USA

09.00- 13.00 Students competition Prosthodontics

09.00-13.00 Students competition Restorative dentistry

09.00-13.00 Students competition Endodontics

11.30-13.00 Improving aesthetic results with direct and indirect restorations. The clinical steps for a predictable technique in everyday practice.
Prof. Francesco Mangani, Italy

11.00-11.45 Dental Photography
Dr. Todor Uzunov, Bulgaria

11.45-12.30 Gingival Augmentation – Indications and Techniques for Predictable Results
Dr. Kamen Kotsilkov, Bulgaria

14.00 -15.00 New opportunities in the esthetic zone
Dr. Eric Van Dooren, Belgium

14.00-18.00 Presentations by lecturers from the Faculty of Dental Medicine – Plovdiv:
Moderator Assoc. Prof. George Todorov, Bulgaria

14.00-18.00 Live clinical demonstration – Preparation for Porcelain Laminate Veneers – part 1
Dr. George Iliev, Bulgaria

Workshop Indirect esthetic resorations in conservative dentistry
Prof. Francesco Mangani, Italy

Surgical techniques for tissue-level and bone-level implants
Dr.Stefan Peev, Bulgaria

Workshop Root canal instrumentation with the BioRaCe system by the Swiss company FKG
Dr. Ivan Yovchev, Bulgaria

Workshop Dental Photography
Dr. Todor Uzunov, Bulgaria

15.00- 16.00
Restoration of ‘Failing’ Teeth with Implants in the Aesthetic Zone – The Keys to Success
Dr. Tidu Mankoo, UK

Root canal obturation – How to choose the optimal method in each clinical case?
Dr. Sylvia Dimitrova, Bulgaria

Anterior and posterior adhesive restorations: clinical aspects and indications
Dr. Roberto Spreafico, Italy

18.00-19.00 Discussion

Welcome Gala Cocktail « Five Years SDM » – FREE, included in congress fee

Day Two

Discussion panel: Periodontology
09.00-09.15 Moderator: Prof. Andre Saadoun, France
9.15-10.45 The Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Single and Multiple Implant Restorations
Dr.Marco Del Corso, Italy

9.00-10.00 « When and How to Use TAD’s in Lingual Cases? »
Dr. Skander Ellouze, Tunisia

09.00-11.00 « Retreatment of endodontically compromised teeth »
Dr. Ivan Yovchev, Bulgaria

9.00-13.00 Workshop Surgical Protocol for Implant Placement.
Dr. Bahige Tourbah, France

9.00-13.00 Workshop Occlusal relationships. New concept. Analysis of the closure path with the use of a deprogramming jig.
Prof. Marcel LeGall, France

9.00-13.00 Workshop Root canal obturation techniques with the Thermafil and Calamus systems –
Dr. Sylvia Dimitrova, Bulgaria

9.00-13.00 Workshop Integration between prosthetic and surgical protocols in implantology
Dr. Fernando Rojas Vizcaya, Spain

10.45-12.00 Connecting Teeth to Implants : Myth or Reality ? The Point in 2012.
Dr. Achille Peivandi, France

10.15-11.15 Extracting or not healthy permanent teeth, for orthodontic treatment, an juridical approach
Dr.Alain Berry, France

11.00-13.00 Live Clinical Demonstration Endodontic retreatment under the microscope. Removal of a separated endodontic instrument
Dr. Ivan Yovchev, Bulgaria

11.30-13.00 Trauma to the Permanent Dentition in Children: a Multidisciplinary Treatment.
Dr. Benjamin Peretz, Israel

12.00-13.15 Optimizing Esthetics Around Implants
Dr. Patrice Margossian, France

Laser Discussion Panel
14.00 -16.00 Laser supported implant dentistry
Dr. Norberto Berna, Italy
16.00-17.30 Preparation of hard tissues with Er-Yag lasers
Dr. Avi Reyhanian, Israel

Five Years Bulgarian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry – BSAD Esthetics and Function in the Rehabilitation of the Masticatory Apparatus;
Moderator : Dr. Neli Nikolova, Bulgaria
14.00-16.00 Part I: A complex approach in treatment planning
16.00-18.00 Part II: Presentation of clinical cases and discussion
– Minimally invasive dentistry
– the treatment of the present day
– Challenges for contemporary implantology
Dr. Stanislava Shuleva, Dr. Angela Gusiiska, Dr. George Manev, Dr. Pavel Panov, Dr. Krasimir Nedevski, Dr. Bojidar Kafelov, Dr. Svetoslav Velichkov, Dr. Yavor Milanov, Bulgaria

14.00-18.00 Live Clinical Demonstration: Periodontology Treatment of Multiple Recessions
Prof. Andre Saadoun, France

Seminar: The use of mini-implants (TADs) in Orthodontics
Dr. Skander Ellouze, Tunisia

Workshop A different way of root canal treatment and obturation
Prof. Philippe Sleiman, USA

Workshop The Use of Stick-Tech in the Dental Practice – Fabrication of Adhesive Bridges
Dr. Ilia Popov, Bulgaria

Workshop Understanding Occlusion
Dr. Steve Ratcliff, USA

18.00-19.00 Webinar session Periimplantitis and complications in implantology
Dr. Sasha Jovanovic, USA

Day Three

9.00-11.00 Ceramic veneers: the modern solution for single anterior restorations
Dr. Stefen Koubi, France

IMPLANTOLOGY and GBR – discussion panel
09.00 – 10.30 The use of alllograft bone PUROS in pre-implant reconstructive surgery indications. Preliminary results of 3 years.
Prof. Michel Jabbour, France

9.00-11.00 Live Clinical Demonstrations
LASERS: Frenulotomy, Periodontal curettage, Cavity preparation, implant uncovering with an Er-Yag and MD Biolase lasers
Dr.Avi Reyhanian, Israel and Dr. Norberto Berna, Italy

9.00-13.00 Workshop Impression Techniques in Prosthodontics
Dr. Mariana Yankova, Bulgaria

9.00-13.00 Seminar Multidisciplinary treatment in pediatric dentistry
Prof. Benjamin Peretz, Israel

9.00 -11.00 Workshop Reciproc one-file endodontics
Dr.Peter Kiefner, Germany

11.00-13.00 Workshop Reciproc one-file endodontics
Dr.Peter Kiefner, Germany

9.00-13.00 Workshop The Use of Stick-Tech in the Dental Practice – Periosplinting and restoration of endodontically treated teeth
Dr. Elitsa Ruseva, Bulgaria

Endodontic discussion panel.
14.00-14.15 Moderator : Dr. Julian Webber, UK
14.15-15.15 A different way of root canal treatment and obturation
Prof. Philippe Sleiman, USA

14.00 – 15.30 « Vital and Non-vital Emergency Cases in the Dental Office. How do we manage them? »
Dr. Florian Laurent and Dr. Stephane Milliez, France

14.00-18.00 Live Clinical Demonstration Composite Veneers in Anterior Teeth
Dr. Walter Devoto, Italy

14.00-18.00 Achieving esthetic predictability in implantology; suture techniques and bone regeneration procedure
Prof. Andre Saadoun, France

14.00-18.00 Workshop Protocol for fixation of porcelain laminate veneers
Dr. Dinos Kountouras, Greece

14.00-18.00 Workshop Bone grafting in pre-implant reconstructive surgery
Prof. Michel Jabbour, France

14.00-18.00 Workshop Prosthetic tips and tricks to achieve optimal esthetic results in implantology
Dr. Dimitar Filtchev, Bulgaria

15.30-16.30 Reciproc® one file endodontics
Dr.Peter Kiefner, Germany

15.30-17.00 Drugs and drug interactions in every day dental practice
Dr. Adi Garfunkel, Israel

16.30-17.30 One file endodontics – G File and One Shape
Prof. Joshua Moshonov, Israel

Management of the Dental Practice
Dr. Ventsislav Stoev, Bulgaria

17.30 -18.30 The choice between endodontic (re)treatment and implant placement
Dr. Rene Vos, the Netherlands

Day Four

9.00-10.30 I Made it Pretty, Why did it break? When Esthetics Isn’t enough
Dr. Steve Ratcliff, USA
10.45-12.15 Immediate prosthetics on single implants and occlusion management
Prof. Marcel LeGall, France
12.30-13.30 The lingual surface of maxillary teeth – the forgotten occlusion
Prof. Jean Francois Lasserre, France

Multidisciplinary Discussion Panel
When to treat, when to extract from the view of different specialists
9.00-13.00 Periodontology and Implantology
Dr. Adriana Yosifova, Dr. Christina Popova, Dr. Stefan Peev, Dr. Valeri Draganchev, Bulgaria

Live Cinical Demonstration
9.00-11.30 Implantology Simple protocol for achievement of predictable esthetic results in implantology
Dr. Bahige Tourbah, France
11.45-13.00 Fabrication of an adhesive bridge using glass fibers
Dr. Elena Yoncheva, Bulgaria

9.00 -13.00 Workshop Protocol for fabrication of porcelain laminate veneers
Dr. Stefen Koubi, France

9.00-13.00 Workshop New techniques of composite restorations in the anterior segment – a new approach.
Dr. Walter Devoto, Italy

9.00-13.00 Seminar Implants versus Endo: A contemporary Conundrum
Dr. Julian Webber, UK

9.00-13.00 Workshop Emergency situations in the dental practice
Dr. Stephane Milliez, France

14.00- 15.00 Prosthetic determinants in implant therapy; starting by the end
Dr. Fernando Rojas Vizcaya, Spain

Endodontic discussion panel
14.00-15.00 Endodontics – the limits of possibilities
Dr. George Tomov, Bulgaria
16.00-17.00 Non traditional endodontic problems and their solutions
Dr. Anatoli Atanassov, Bulgaria

15.00-18.00 Live Clinical Demonstration Protocol for Fixation of Porcelain Laminate Veneers – part 2
Dr. George Iliev, Bulgaria

14.00-18.00 Workshop Tooth preparation for crowns
Dr. Alexander Klotchkov, Bulgaria

14.00 -18.00 Workshop Er-Yag, MD Biolase, and diode lasers (Practical work on models)
Dr.Avi Reyhanian, Israel and Dr. Norberto Berna, Italy

14.00-18.00 Workshop G File and One Shape
Prof. Joshua Moshonov, Israel

14.00-18.00 Workshop Bioadaptive orthodontic treatment
Dr. Galina Nasteva-Dimova, Bulgaria

Chirurgien dentiste à Marseille, le Docteur Patrice Margossian est spécialisé dans les greffes osseuses et gingivales et les implants dentaires, notamment les techniques d’extraction, implantation et mise en fonction immédiate.

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